I was born in 1959 in Huedin, Cluj County.

I grew up in the Petrinzel village (Salaj County) alongside my parents, where I started my primary studies, then finished in the village of grandparents, Almaşu.

I attended the Gymnasium in Cluj, at the current “Báthory István” Theoretical High School. The turning point was my admission to the Fine Arts High School in Cluj, which I graduated in 1978, obtaining the baccalaureate diploma. Here, in fact, my career began in the arts world.

The study of forms and various materials (glass, ceramics, textiles, wax) allowed me to understand and handle another means of artistic expression: oil painting.

My thoughts, pencil traits and colors are marked by my native Salajian lands, by Petrinzel – a small village on the Almaş valley, between Almaşu and Stana, as well as the family apiary. Speaking of biography, I must mention that the parental heritage, the stupa, has decisively influenced my conception of the world and life. I have learned from my father the begging, an old practice that has become art: craftsmanship is just a bunch of knowledge, but what is beyond it – the world of bees – is a true art for the one who has it.

This is the true artistic metamorphosis. From childhood I felt something unique to me – I had the perception of a monumental creation that includes matter, form, architecture, sound, taste, pain, discipline, labor, material safety. This is how my paintings are born, always placed on canvas with the help of the “voice” of the surrounding nature.

1985 – graduate of “Ion Andreescu” Institute of Fine Arts Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Fine and Decorative Arts. Glass specialization.

1985 – my first job at Glass Factory Poiana Codrului, Satu-Mare County, as a designer of glassware

1991 – I worked for a few years in education instead. Petrinzel (Salaj), then moved to Cluj together with my family.

1991 – until today: professional art, beekeeping.

Everyday life is defined to me today by the whole city-town.

Participation in exhibitions:


1981 – Zalău (Romania) – ceramics

1992 – Choisy (France) – textiles, carpets

1993 – Kiskunhalas (Hungary) – textiles, carpets

2006 -Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Galeria Fehér, – portraits, painting, landscapes

2006 – Gorneşti, Mureş (Romania) – painting, landscapes

2007 – Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Klausen coffee- painting ” Interiors ”

2015 – Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Hall of the Reformed Between Varnishes – painting “From an aerial perspective”

2016 – Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Hall of the Reformed Between Varnishes – painting “Mosaics – Gentiles”


2008 -Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Reményik Sándor Gallery – painting “Home Deal”